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Welcome to Our Patch of Heaven!

Howdy friends! In honor of our 100th year in operation (it's incredible!), the Bar Lazy J is going high-tech! Now not to worry--there's still none of that allowed here while you're on vacation, but while you're away and anxious to keep up with what's going on (or you just need your "ranch fix"), come check in on our ranch blog where you'll find hoards of photos, we'll follow our staff and you'll hear all the latest happenings first! Of course reading about it isn't nearly as good as the real thing, so we hope to see you out on the trail real soon, but until then, check out what's happening and leave your comments--we love to see that our friends have stopped by! Happy trails everyone!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The End of the Line…uhhh, I mean.…Year Staff Party!

         Our staff is pretty stellar. We have to brag a little. So what better way to show them how much we appreciate them, than to throw them off the side of a mountain? Right? In our defense-- they asked for it………


I don’t know why they look so scared. They know we needed them for work in the morning…..

So we harnessed them up,










And enrolled them in flight school!

DSC08834 DSC08836

Then once we confirmed no one weighed more than a school bus (that’s the maximum weight the cable can hold), we let ‘em rip!

I mean zip!!

DSC08839 DSC08841  DSC08846 DSC08856 DSC08860 DSC08861 DSC08864 DSC08867 DSC08870 DSC08872

As you can see they are hardly even enjoying it….so we had to throw in an amazing sunset in to keep them happy. Do you know in one of John Denver’s song where he sings “I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky” ? Well, we can’t say for sure, but we’re convinced this is what he was referring to. When the sun sets behind a storm, the rain comes down in sheets of vibrant orange. These pictures don’t even do it justice. It’s breathtaking.


        After the zip lining, Jerry and Cheri had everyone over. This time of year, a handful of our staff have to head back to school while the majority stay until the end, so we try to have one last group outing all together. We want to say how much we love all of them and appreciate their hard work and dedication to making the Bar Lazy J a cut above the rest. We couldn’t be who we are without them! So thank you to our 2012 staff!

DSC08888 DSC08890



Your hard work shows!


(And we mean that!)

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Smile At Every Turn

LOOK at how big these kittens have gotten! They were finally old enough to be added to the Kid’s Program and the past few weeks they’ve been getting lots and lots of lovin’. Much to their delight! (The kids and the kittens.)

IMGP0675 IMGP0679

Photo caption contest-- have to wonder what he’s thinking right here. Probably something like, “ I just woke up. Tell me this picture isn’t going on the blog.”



        We were fortunate to have a special family come and celebrate a big anniversary with us!  Jack and Peggy came with their loved ones in honor of 50 years of marriage, so we wanted to add our own gift of congratulations. Thursday night after dinner, we had a surprise for them!


       One of our staff makes special occasion cakes on the side, so we commissioned her for a cake that would highlight their Irish roots at the same time.

“50 Years isn’t just the Luck of the Irish”

IMGP0048 IMGP0105









        The happy couple was touched to tears. Thank you Jack and Peggy for spending your big day with us! We were thrilled to be a part of it in some small way! Congratulations!



        The thing that never ceases to amaze us is how quickly friends are made and how long they are kept here at the ranch. Year after year, we watch friendships form and strengthen from their common ground of their love of this place. It must be part of that ranch magic…



So, how about another ‘How To’ lesson from your Bar Lazy J staff?! This week’s segment? Well, let’s just call it…..

A Different Kind of Wrangling”.

Step 1. Find your pile and line up your pitchfork. Angle is everything. Don’t overlook this tiny detail.

Step 2. Using a scooping motion, swiftly shove the pitchfork underneath the pile. Remember to have confidence in your scoop.  A half-hearted effort will leave you scattering the pile and will double your clean-up time. It’s all about form!


Step 3. Once the pitchfork is full, lift. You will likely spend one full minute trying to add small pieces and manage to drop half your load in the process. This is totally normal and it is appropriate to grumble under your breath.

Step 4. Find a place to toss it where it will not be seen, attract flies, or smell. Preferably the back of someone’s pick-up that will be leaving shortly.


**BONUS MOVE**: If you are having difficulty mastering these skills (we’re not laughing at you), the “Side-Foot Sweep” can be used to minimize pile scattering. However, we warn you that if not executed correctly and precisely, it can lead to unfortunate green stains on your socks. We highly recommend boots for this technique (or black socks). Bar Lazy J and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any ruined shoes, clothing, or reputations.


   Thank you Kari for your wonderful demonstration and cheery attitude! A smile is always the best part of our staff’s attire! (And a good sense of humor absolutely mandatory!)


wire We have begun incorporating the zip line into our weekly program and the guests are LOVING it—we knew they would! Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, groups of up to 10 at a time can sign up to take the plunge! It’s been quite a hit!

 IMGP0195 IMGP0196 IMGP0197IMGP0209



Horse tip for the week: Do not wash your horses and then leave them in the hot sun to dry. They shrink. However, they do eat less and with hay prices like they are…… “Welcome the the Bar Lazy J! Where your troubles are small and so are the horses!” I like it. Now if we can just figure out how to cross the river… floaties? Might have to look into this one….


Jerry and Cheri have more than most people could hope for—a home in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and friends who come see them yearly—not to mention everyone’s DREAM JOB.  So what do you get for the two people who have everything? Why, horse accessories of course! Thank you Rin for the fun personalized “Jerry’s” and “Cheri’s” hats! Now we won’t get them confused anymore! Whew!  ;)

IMGP0660 IMGP0665

        We were also pleasantly surprised by this beautiful piece of art in the mail this year. One of the members of our dear guest family actually made this himself in honor of our 100th year! What a treat! And it looks absolutely stunning in the sunny window of our dining room in the lodge. Thank you Marshall Gerry and Kalamity K! We are fortunate to have such wonderful friends! You all spoil us.


So thank you from all of us here at the Bar lazy J!