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Howdy friends! In honor of our 100th year in operation (it's incredible!), the Bar Lazy J is going high-tech! Now not to worry--there's still none of that allowed here while you're on vacation, but while you're away and anxious to keep up with what's going on (or you just need your "ranch fix"), come check in on our ranch blog where you'll find hoards of photos, we'll follow our staff and you'll hear all the latest happenings first! Of course reading about it isn't nearly as good as the real thing, so we hope to see you out on the trail real soon, but until then, check out what's happening and leave your comments--we love to see that our friends have stopped by! Happy trails everyone!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recipes From Chef Eddie!

Eddie has posted some new fabulous ranch recipes on his personal blog—including his most requested one: the Mango Cole Slaw! (One of my personal favorites I have to admit.)

On a side note:   I have to laugh and share a quick story about this special recipe. Several years ago, Chef Eddie needed to leave for a few days during the summer, so Cheri and Tammy jumped in to cover the meals for all of our guests. Now, Eddie is a “little bit of this and a little bit of that” kind of chef and rarely writes down his personal recipes, but he quickly did so for us as he was rushing out of town. So when it came time to make the Mango Cole Slaw, Tammy made sure to follow Eddie’s instructions to a tee, wanting to make sure she got it just right. Thus, although 1/2 c. of salt sounded like a bit much to her, she went ahead and poured it in and mixed it all up as it read. After the fact, her only regret while giving it a taste-test was that she was absolutely incapable of keeping a straight face long enough to offer Cheri a taste as well. Instead, she went running across the kitchen for the trash can to spit it out as fast as she could!! Much to the delight of Cheri and the rest of the kitchen staff. They then realized Eddie must have meant to write 1/2 Tbsp (or did he prank us on purpose??) and redid the whole thing in just enough time to get it out for the guests—whew!! (And laughed, and laughed…..and laughed some more at Tammy.)

SO! Go and check out the recipes (all with correct measurements) and enjoy! Thanks for sharing Eddie!

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